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Hirak Bhasma

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Hirak Bhasma

We are a major Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Hirak Bhasma in Mumbai. Also known as diamond ash, the Hirak Bhasma is prepared using the best raw materials. The Hirak Bhasma cures various diseases and disorders. The Hirak Bhasma can be availed at the market leading prices and is one of the most treasured Ayurvedic Products.

Composition Of Hirak Bhasma
  • Hirak Bhasma (diamond ash)
  • Kumari Rasa (Aloe Vera Juice)
  • Gulab Jala (Rose Water)
  • Sunthi Kwath (Dry Ginger Dicoction)

Benefits Of Hirak Bhasma
  • Makes the human body stronger and the mind sharper.
  • Recommended for the well-being of the human heart.
  • Helps in toning the muscles of the heart.
  • Regular consumption as a tonic or an alterative, under medical prescription or supervision is known for toning the heart muscles.
  • Increases stamina, vitality and strength.
  • Highly effective against immunity disorders.
  • Known for curing Crippling Rheumatoid
  • Effective against Bone marrow depression and arthritis.
  • Known to cure one of the most dangerous and lethal diseases known to mankind: cancer. When used in the initial stages, under medical supervision, it can cure cancerous cells.
  • Useful in cancers, immunity disorders, crippling rheumatoid arthritis, and even bone marrow depression
  • Known for toning heart muscles and avoiding cardiovascular syndromes and diseases
  • Highly effective as a tonic and alterative
  • Can be used regularly to strengthen immunity, aid stamina and overall vitality or the functionality of the human body
  • Strengthening memory power.

Available As : Pack of 1 and 2 grams

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